Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics  .....Instituto de Biología y Genética Molecular
3rd Floor, Rooms E2 & E4 .....3ª Planta, Laboratorios E2 y E4 
Calle Sanz y Forés 3 .....C/ Sanz y Forés 3
47003 Valladolid, Spain .....47003 Valladolid, España
E-mail: jbalsinde@uva.es  
For phone numbers go to the Personnel page.  


Valladolid is located some 200 Km northwest of Madrid. Both cities are connected by freeway (A-6 up to Tordesillas, then take A-62 East to Valladolid). It takes approximately 2 h to get from one city to another.

Departing from Madrid, Valladolid can also be easily reached by public transportation, either train or bus. We recommend the former because it is much faster. In working days, no less than ten trains connect Madrid with Valladolid, both ways. High-speed rail transport (AVE in Spanish) was introduced in December 2007. With the AVE, moving in between the two cities takes barely 55 min, which is certainly  remarkable.

Once in the Valladolid Train Station, called Valladolid-Campo Grande (or in the bus station if you preferred to come by bus), the best way to get to the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics is by catching a taxicab. Trip is short and fairly inexpensive. The Institute is only at a 20-min walk distance from the train and bus stations (both are close to each other). However, if not familiar with Valladolid, walking is not recommended, as this is quite a rambling town.